Allen Bolt Kit (Lower) | Honda SL350 K1/K2
Allen Bolt Kit (Lower) | Honda SL350 K1/K2

Allen Bolt Kit (Lower) | Honda SL350 K1/K2

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CMC Part Number:4301
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Optional Add-On Part:
Upper Allen Bolt Kit (#4027) (+$20.00)
Anti-Seize (#9054) (+$10.00)

Part: SL350 K1 / K2 Lower Allen Bolt Kit

Why You Need This: In case you are wondering, the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Philips head screws on your vintage Honda SL350 K1 / K2 are most likely stripped due to the use of improper tools. Instead of struggling with them or finding a JIS screwdriver, swap over to some nice clean stainless steel Allen bolts. Allen bolts are much easier to install, remove and rarely strip, especially when taking the side covers on and off the engine for service. No longer dread cleaning your oil filter, because these Allen head bolts make your routine maintenance even easier. This kit includes the necessary Allen wrenches too.

Note: This kit is specifically and only for the SL350 K1 / K2. The side covers are cast differently than the CB350 or CL350 to exclude the electric start and have different length bolts.

If you have a SL350 K0 you will need this Allen Head Bolt Kit (#4030)

Installation Tip: Remove the old screws with one of our impact drivers. Make sure not to over tighten and remember to use anti-seize.

Lower Allen Bolt Kit Includes:

  • Side covers (Left & Right)
  • Chain cover
  • Rotor cover
  • Allen wrenches M4 & M5

Optional Add-On Upper Allen Bolt Kit Includes:

  • Cam End Holders
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Cam Box to Cylinder Head
  • Points Cover
  • Tach Drive Cover
  • Tach Cable

This Allen Bolt Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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