Carburetor Intake Boots | Honda CB550 (K3&K4)
Carburetor Intake Boots | Honda CB550 (K3&K4)

Carburetor Intake Boots | Honda CB550 (K3&K4)

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Optional Add-On Part:
x4 Intake O-Rings (#6109) (+$4.00)

Item: Honda CB550 K3 -K4 Intake Boots

Why You Need This: One thing we always recommend changing out on the twins are intake manifolds. Well, the 4-cylinder equivalent are the intake boots that connect the carbs to the engine intake fittings. The Honda CB550 K3 / K4 uses one boot per carb with 2 clamps per boot. This late generation of the CB550 uses boots that are shorter in length than the earlier CB550's due to a carburetor update in 1977. Clamps sold separately! Includes all 4 boots.

Installation Tip: A light coat of oil will help get these puppies on. It can be a tight squeeze getting the carbs wedged back in the bike, so you may have to get them all started/angled, get the carb bank in place, then snap them all on at once. If you're reading this you know the struggle.

These Intake Boots Fit These Honda Motorcycles

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