Throttle Cable | Honda CB175 / CL175 / CB200
Honda Throttle Cable

Throttle Cable | Honda CB175 / CL175 / CB200

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CMC Part Number:U2049
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  • Replaces OEM Parts:17910-389-405, 17910-313-405

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CB175 / CB200 (#2105)
CL175 / SL175 / CL200 (#2109)

Part: Throttle Cable for Honda CB175 / CL175 Scrambler / SL175 / CB200 / CL200 Scrambler Motorcycles 

Why You Need This Part: Throttle cables are your direct connection as a rider with the engine on your bike, thus it is very important they are in tip top condition. Often times on vintage motorcycles, the original cables are frayed or rusted stuck inside the housing. You can test your cable's condition by twisting and releasing the throttle grip. When released, the throttle should snap shut like a mouse trap.  If it doesn't, the time may have come to replace the crusty old part. We made replacing your worn-out CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CB200 / CL200 throttle cables blissfully easy with these new, high quality throttle cables. 

The Honda CB175 and CB200 families of motorcycles use a split 1 into 2 style cable.  The lowers are different lengths to ensure clean routing to the carburetor tops. See our installation tip below for more details. Additionally the throttle cable used on the Honda CB175 / CB200 is shorter overall than the one used on the Honda CL175, SL175 and CL200, so be sure to chose the one that fits your bike when adding it to the cart. 

Installation Tip: The longer of the two split cables at the end is marked with a red stripe, and goes to the right carburetor. The shorter has no markings and goes to the left carburetor.  The rubber boot on the end of the cables is used as lock to hold the adjuster on the carb's top cap in place once the sync adjustment is done. Lubricate the cable with some light oil at each end prior to installing it on the bike. While everything is pulled apart lubricating the nylon throttle sleeve with light grease will also ensure your bike's throttle has minimal slop. 

These Throttle Cable are Compatible with the Following Honda Motorcycles

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