Honda CB450 Rebuild: Removing the Engine, Pt. 2. Project Diamond

Posted by Brenden Macaluso on 12/9/2014
As you might be discovering, working on an old Honda CB450 takes more time than one might have anticipated. We continue with the engine removal on project Diamond. Additionally we have a quick tutorial on how to use an impact driver. This is an essential tool box staple for working on vintage Honda motorcycles. It makes removing the Phillips head side cover screws a snap. Of course there is always a screw that decides to break or strip and we do encounter one, however we are able to remove it with a screw extractor and a little heat from a torch. 

As we stated in part 1 of the the engine removal,  we have been loosening all the various screws and bolts on the engine while it is still in the frame. It is much easier to do now rather than when the engine is up on the bench. The physical removal of the engine will require at least a second set of hands to move around.  We ended up using a length of pipe to pick up the engine through the top of the cylinder head casting, seemed to work pretty well. 

Next Time: Stripping the engine all apart.